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SIHH 2016 Site: Richard Miller RM50-02 ACJ point ˉXRM11 in TPT quartz

replica Watch RM 11-02 Le Mans Classic.Richard Miller came back from the booth you never really stop to think about what R & D department for breakfast. It had to be steroids, they managed to become a trend setter for many years, and a recent example is RM56, the first high-end watches entirely made of sapphire. They did a few years ago, and other brand has just begun, now follow suit. If we expect another version of this year's RM56? Hell, we all know that it is a time to wow everyone and introduce some new and absurd. Some ridiculous sapphire is 3 or 4 years ago. Two models, two crazy look. Let's start with RM50-02 ACJ.

Richard teamed up with Airbus ACJ Miller wanted to create a sophisticated yet another new piece of strange like it. White ceramic bezel do just fine. In addition it has a different material for the casing, movement and crown 5. It's not just looks; for ceramic bezel, ensure that more rigid, making it almost scratch. Lithium Lital, used in the movement, the material can be used in Formula 1 and in Airbus.replica Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watches

Secondly, we see an already beloved watches in RM11, but in a completely new look. TPT manufacturing quartz it actually has a bit of the feeling of wood, which is marked by a red painting. However, what is so cool. Belt use here to remind Yohan Blake strap, very easy to put on and take off, and we are very light. Richard Miller really hope this material will be extended to other models such as the RM35 and RM55, but now all we get.


Flash News: Richard Mille RM 011 Flyback Chronograph Black Phantom

Some of you may remember a variety of RM 011 white devil Richard Miller in January launched SIHH. This 30 played on the limited edition "white list" trend, but with a twist to the usual material is so well-known brand. In fact, the case with the red gold may be a conventional material, luxury watches but using carbon NTPT set red gold chronograph pusher reliably less common. The most innovative element, although, technically and aesthetics, are for the front (bezel), the presence of the back of the white sand ceramic ATZ this tripartite housing. With a white rubber strap and contrasting red gold hands and a red mark on the dial hollow pairing, watches certainly made a statement.www.lovenicewatches.net.

With the RM 011 Black Phantom unveiled this month, Richard Miller, whereby flyback chronograph, with a totally different direction, this can be proved when the United States, which is a bit conspicuous, as it plays stealth card. The new watch is limited to 50 Antipodes Another popular class watches RM 011 white devil mode for the North American and South American markets belong: the all-black watch. This newfound discretion does not mean, however, we have lost the watch technical advantages: Richard Miller oblige, the watch also incorporates two new high-tech materials, but this time the deepest black tones.

The center housing with RM 011 Black Phantom is no longer the shiny gold medal, but the carbon NTPT like crown and chronograph split and produced. This carbon fiber obtained by a plurality of layers of parallel filaments incredibly powerful, lightweight materials have been a clear favorite of the brand, as it launched RM 011 Flyback Chronograph NTPT carbon last year, I propose here of. The front and back of modular 50.00 points ˉx40.00 point ˉx16.15 mm tonneau-shaped case, Richard Miller chose to have a matte finish their scratches and corrosion resistance of black TZP ceramics.wholesale replica watches for men

Flange with black and black chronograph counters, the rest of the hollow dial watches gloomy. All indications are white optimal legibility and skeleton hands also with white light emitting material. Watch mounted on a black DLC titanium buckle fixed black rubber. In appearance, it may seem less avant-garde than RM 011 white devil, but I think a lot of watch lovers will find it easy to wear in any case.

From the point of view of the watch, the watch house the same athleticism as its predecessors. This self-winding 55 hours power reserve skeleton movement equipped with brand innovation adjustable rotor geometry system, and is equipped with a flyback function timing. The watch also provides a large date and month calendar indicating a very useful and windows.replica Watch RM 061 Yohan Blake

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