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When it comes to export business, several factors like labeling & marking of items play a major role in having a promising value of your products into the international market. Packing and packaging are two other concepts that need to be focused while exporting. Proper packing and packaging not only ensures the safely transportation but also creates good impression on the buyers. Through this piece of content, I would try to make you understand the concept of packing and packaging.    

Packing vis-à-vis Packaging

Packing or bulk packaging as some prefer to call it, as distinguished from consumer packing refers to the protective covering used for transportation and ship of commodities. Packaging is related with the containers in which the items reach the ultimate consumer. Though the concept of both packing and packaging is closely interlinked, packing is of prime significance as no product (consumer) package can be exported without some sort of outer packing.

If a product is packaged but not adequately packed, so it will reach the destination in different condition. As a result, there is a possibility of its rejection. So, you must follow the packing standards that are enforced by the Export Inspection Council under the Export Control and Inspection Act.

Export Packaging and Packing

Today, packaging is considered as one of the most important factors to market any product. This concept of marketing simply means packing the products into the container to reach the ultimate consumer. But packing means protective covering used to safely transport and ship the products from one place to another. While packaging, quality should not be compromised merely to cut down the costs.

You as exporter should choose a large supplier for supply of packing items. You can go for reputed firms that provide alternative packages, designs and sizes. You can do good savings by ordering the suppliers standard products, sizes and shapes. Any particular package can easily be personalized through promotional and distinctive labeling.

Types of Packaging and Packing


You as exporter can use the following containers for packaging of the product –

  • ·         Tin-box
  • ·         Box made of fibre board/plastic/acrylic sheets
  • ·         Box made of card paper or cardboard
  • ·         Polythene bags


Here are the types of boxes that can be used for packing of the package meant for exports –

  • ·         Steel drums
  • ·         Fibre/drums or corrugated board boxes
  • ·         Wooden boxes
  • ·         HDPE drums
So now, I hope that you must have understood the difference between packing and packaging of products for exporting. Packaging is simply putting the products into a container but packing is to make pack of packaged products that can be safely transported to one place to another.

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