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Sports stars have many more attributes than just their stellar performances. They have their own shares of ups and downs in life. There is something Cheap Throwback Jerseys , rather there are many things which in one or another way have led them to the path of stardom. It would be fun to explore some interesting facts about some female tennis legends who have carved a niche in the entire tennis era.

The Battle of the Sexes−Billie Jean King Sweeps out Everything in Her Way

This advocate of sexual equality is the founder of Women's Tennis Associationand Women's Sports Foundation. A charismatic woman who defeated Bobby Riggs, a male chauvinist tennis star in the Battle of the Sexes in the year 1973, Billie Jean King made an unprecedented record. This garnered her much applause as she catalyzed the development of greater recognition and respect for women's tennis. She, for the first time Cheap Authentic Jerseys , revealed at the age of 51 that she is a lesbian, which came as a bolt from the blue for many of her fans and critics as well.

A Prolific Personality−Martina Navratilova

Navratilova who moved to the US after being stripped of her citizenship by her country of birth Czechoslovakia in1975 has gone through a battered childhood too. Sexually inclined towards the same gender, she is not only a class tennis player but also a writer with a penchant for literary feats. She has penned three mystery novels with Liz Nickles−The Total Zone, Breaking Point and Killer Instinct. Although she is not an active politician Cheap Jerseys , she has given a political tinge to her personality by unstintingly criticizing communism. A devout supporter of gay rights, she has been honored with National Equality Award from Human Rights Campaign.

Serena Williams−The Bohemian Athlete

Together with her sister Venus, Serena has been lauded for ushering in a new era of power and athleticism in women's tennis. She is as magnetic and graceful outside the court as she is on the court. Putting a step further, she has become no lesser than a fashion diva and runs her own line of designer apparels called 'Aneres'−her first name spelt backward. She is a part of various TV programs and is said to have been writing a TV show storyline which she will produce herself.

Women Empowerment with a Flair for Fashion−Venus Williams

Venus has astounded the world with her unmatched on-court performance. She is the strongest contender among those fighting for women's equality in tennis. She has made a much more dominant impact through her fashion statement than her younger sister Serena. With a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , she has launched her own fashion line by the name 'EleVen'.She is a successful entrepreneur and is at the helm of her own interior design company 'V Starr Interiors'.

Athletic Beauty−Maria Sharapova

Regarded as the queen of endorsements, Sharapova is not just a destiny's child. After migrating to the US in 1994 with her father, life had not been a cake walk for her. Against all odds, she rose to fame with her dexterous moves on the court. She is considered one of the most beautiful athletes who have ever lived. This ravishing damsel has features that can cast a spell on any onlooker. She has created a candy line named 'Sugarpova' . Once she even considered changing her last name to Sugarpova but eventually decided against it.

Whether on the court or outside it Wholesale NFL Jerseys , these sports diva inspire millions of people with their charismatic moves. They are trendsetters who have become paragons of courage and determination.
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