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1. The offensive line isn readyDerick says: Lions fans have watched the same trend for five years. When Matthew Stafford has time to throw, he can be great. When he doesn have time, things can get ugly.Early in the season, he won have much time.The Lions have put plenty of resources into the offensive line, including three of their last five first round picks and three of their last five third round picks. Unfortunately, that hasn reaped many benefits. Riley Reiff struggled at left tackle last season and prompted the Lions to draft Taylor Decker with the No. 16 overall pick in April. Last year first pick, Laken Tomlinson (No. 28 overall), didn develop as quickly as the Lions hoped in 2015.Obviously, the line does have some natural talent, especially with former guard standout Larry Warford in the mix, but it has been a roller coaster ride with the Lions offensive line and this new group will need time to gel.Indianapolis was an average pass rushing team last season, finishing tied for 15th in the NFL with 37 sacks. But the Lions offensive line could get them off to a good start this year.Ken says: Let not act like we have any idea what this offense will look like without Calvin Johnson. All we have to go on is a few preseason games, which one could argue, had Jim Bob Cooter holding the playbook way back.The offensive line is a question mark, that for sure, but assuming Warford is healthy, and Tomlinson has developed over the offseason, there no reason to think the line couldn be improved. Let give Decker a chance. He looked pretty good in his preseason time. And don forget about center Travis Swanson. He not a superstar, nfl shop 49ers but he allowed the fifth least sacks for a center in 2015.2. DeAndre Levy has been on the sideline for a very long timeDerick says: Remember when DeAndre Levy signed a 4 year, $33 million contract in 2015? That the last time Lions fans have really heard from the star linebacker.Levy played only 17 snaps in 2015 after injuring his hip. He was one of the team best players before the injury, racking up 151 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 2014. He also been solid in coverage throughout his career, picking off 12 passes and defending 33 passes.But he won be the old Levy in green bay packers jersey cheap Week 1 after sitting out 12 months. Unfortunately, the Lions need him to be the old Levy after sitting out 12 months.When players return from significant injuries, especially nagging ones like Levy hip, they rarely burst onto the scene at 100 percent. Levy played in only one preseason game, so Sunday will be his first extended game action in a calendar year. For a team that needs a dominant presence in the middle of the field, Levy can afford to take long to knock cheap colts jerseys off the rust.Ken says: Levy is absent from the injury report, so let at least give him that. I don think we should expect Levy to be 100 percent just yet, but something else is different from the last time he was healthy. The Lions linebackers are actually fine without him.Tahir Whitehead is a force, and Kyle Van Noy looks much improved from his abysmal Lions rookie season. If we learned anything from Teryl Austin, it that he will find players that can play. Levy or no Levy, the Lions second line should be fine.Plus, Levy COULD be his old self eventually. I just don think we should expect it in week one. But, he did feel good in the preseason. He also has a fantastic beard.3. Marvin Jones is not Calvin JohnsonDerick says: Here a shocker. Marvin Jones isn the best receiver in franchise history. But you already knew that, right?Obviously, the Lions won replace the production of Calvin Johnson (maybe ever), and Stafford will have to get used to playing without that crutch to lean on. Jones, Golden Tate and Anquan Bolden are a solid trio of receivers, but they don draw as much attention as Johnson does.Sunday will be the start of Stafford first full season without Johnson, and Jim Bob Cooter will try to build on the momentum the offense built late last year. Maybe Stafford will feel less pressure without having to throw Johnson way a certain number of times, and maybe he benefit from spreading the ball around.But there no way losing one of the best receivers of all time can actually help an offense, and the Lions offense wasn even average last houston texans store season.Ken says: Again, I will reserve judgment on if Calvin retirement will hurt or help. We haven seen this true offense yet, and Stafford numbers were actually quite good last year in games without a healthy Calvin.Stafford ranked fifth in completion percentage (67 percent) in 2015, seventh in touchdowns (32) and ninth in passer rating (97). He complete almost 400 passes and only 88 of those to Calvin Johnson.Stafford will finally be able to sling the ball around without the pressures of a target count to Calvin. Give that sidearm a chance, Derick!

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