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Wearing Number Eights Published: 14.07.2009 | Author: shining lion | Category: Recreation And Sports

On August 8 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2008, opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics began in Beijing: at 8 minutes and 8 seconds past 8 o’clock.The “eights” did not symbolize sports jerseys available from jerseys wholesalers or a tribute to Fibonaccinumbers! Rather, in the host country, “8” is a good luck number because it symbolizes prosperity. What U.S. famous players have displayed “numero 8” on their jerseys? Let’s look at a few whose athletic achievements have motivated lovers throughout time to don “number eight” wholesale jerseys on their own backs.

Most listings of high achievers known for the number eight would feature MajorLeague Baseball’s Cal Ripken. One of the best shortstops ever to play the game, Ripken spent his entire career with the Baltimore Orioles. He was called “Iron Man” because he played for so long in somany games. Another baseball superstar would be Carl Yastrzemski. Captain Carl, as he was known, was the legendary leftfielder for the Red Sox and gained a lot of honors Cheap Jerseys From China , including seven Gold Glove awards. Yankee Yogi Berra cannot be omitted from this list: not only a fifteen-time All Star and a player in 14 World Series, the irascible giant was a manager after his playing years and despite changing teams more than once proved to be accomplished at that as well.

Is baseball the only sport with legendary “number 8s?” No. Hoops would nominate Kobe Bryant, of course, the Laker’s winning guard and arguably the top basketballer in the NBA since Michael Jordan. But Bryant changedup his familiar number 8 after many years. During the 2009 Laker championship win, he wasarrayed in the number 24. Jersey wholesalers were delighted; his new jersey number sales have kept pace with his old.

NHL supporters would probably put Bam Bam Cam Neely front and center as their selection, the goal-making and tenacious power forward for the Canucks and the Bruins. Neely’s scoring was matched only by his stick-to-itiveness in the face of serious injury; his “number eight” jersey was retired by the Bruins in his honor.

Not a jersey but a car number, forever associated with the auto-racing powerhouse Dale Earnhardt Cheap Jerseys China , Jr., the “number 8” car gained avariety of a stock car contest and signifier the entire family, beginning with Dale’s racing grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt. Unfortunately, Earnhardt tried but failed to maintain the number in 2008, when he made a move to a new company. Can you guess his number now? The number “88!”

The National Football League, whose followers buy more wholesale jerseys than do the zealots of any other singlesport Cheap Jerseys , would probably vote for for Troy Aiken, the hall ofFameQuarterback for the America’s Team, the Cowboys. Now a sports announcer, his wholesale jerseys sales are stillgoing well.

The Chinese had it right: “number 8” signifies wealth.

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