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ROME Authentic Jacob Markstrom Jersey , Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results from the Italian Cup last 16 on Wednesday:

Parma bt Cagliari 2-1

Torino lost to Lazio 1-3


OUAGADOUGOU, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Burkina Faso anticipates 39.6 tons of gold production in 2016, an official said Thursday.

Alfa Oumar Dissa, minister of energy, mines and quarries, revealed this in Ouagadougou, where the first edition of the West African mining operation Week (SAMAO) opened on Thursday.

Gold accounts for over 12 percent of the West-African country's gross domestic product (GDP). Its gold output in 2014 stood at 36.5 tons.

Dissa said the country has today over 822 valid mining permits and titles as well as nine gold producing mines.

Since 2009, gold has replaced cotton to become the leading export product of the Sahelian country of about 19 million population.

Figures from the Permanent secretary of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) reveal that 285 municipalities hosting mining operations gained, in terms of taxes, 1.6 billion CFA Francs in total, about 2.7 million U.S. dollars, last year in Burkina Faso.

Dissa said the country in 2015 adopted a new incentive mining code to promote win-win partnership in mining operations so as to sustain social and economic development. Enditem

" It is very difficult to deal with the situation of irregular monthly flow, one of the key functions in female body. After ovulation, the monthly bloodshed can occur routinely in small or large volumes, while in some females, it is almost nonexistent. Some get the flow twice in a month and this happens due to imbalance of the flow of estrogen and progesterone. The condition is said to be abnormal when the bleeding happens more than the regular flow or it is completely absent. Excess outflow can induce anemia and cause fatigue. A number of young and middle aged women are widely affected by these medical factors and want to know how to stop excessive menstrual bleeding or get rid of irregular periods, although experts may advise to pop up some birth control pills to prevent the condition of excess flow, then again, the problem of cysts or fibroids can initiate the flow twice a month.

Endocrine flow is a highly sensitive function, disrupted by a number of factors including the change in environmental conditions and stress. The common causes for absent or irregular flow is endocrine imbalance include medical conditions such as diabetes, hyper or hypo thyroidism, medications (that change endocrine flow) and stress. The causes for excess flow include bleeding disorders, hypothyroidism and advanced liver conditions. Pain during the flow happens mostly due to infections, endometriosis and depression. Stress and heavy exercising can induce changes in the flow patterns.

The hypothalamus sends signals to activate flow from pituitary and excess of emotions in the area of hypothalamus can disrupt the signaling. Female body requires natural heat and energy for monthly flow and if the body fails to get it, through proper foods, it will not work properly. In the same manner, excess of workouts can burn energy required by the body, contributing to irregular flow. To know how to stop excessive menstrual bleeding, one can get simple herbal remedies and get rid of irregular periods by improving endocrine flow.

Herbs can also reduce the intensity of pain during the monthly flow and it contains everyday herbs e.g. Crocus sativus, Cinnamomum tamala, Areca catechu, which are normally found in eateries. A combination of some of the most effective plant extracts can be found in Gynecure capsules that help to improve endocrine functioning to reduce pain or inflammation and prevent the disruption of endocrine flow from stress. Crocus sativus is one of the herbs in the capsule that can reduce stress and depressive conditions to regulate endocrine flow.

The aroma yielding compounds of the herb have brain calming properties. Its extracts are superior to vitamin E supplements in causing restriction to the process of oxidation. The heart contractile response could be decreased by the extracts of the petals of the herb. Dolichos biflorus is another plant which can work as antioxidant, anti inflammatory and can get rid of irregular periods and it can be found in the remedy. There are various extracts in the capsules which contain phyto compounds that mimic human endocrine compounds and these also prevent excess of flow in a natural manner.

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