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Coins and notes are seen in a glass case displaying a dinosaur fossil at the Beijing Museum of Natural History. (Photowww.yangtse)

Although it's understandable that some believers donate money at temples for either health or wealth purposes Kevin Love Cavaliers Jersey , a glass case displaying a dinosaur fossil at the Beijing Museum of Natural History has also attracted the odd coin or note, Beijing Evening News reports on Thursday.

The biology section on the museum's first floor is home to the fossilized bones of a Lotosaurus adcentus, stationed inside a glass container five meters in length, one meter in width and two meters in height.

Coins and cash, ranging from 50 cents to 10 yuan ($1.6), have piled up at the foot of the exhibit. Behind the glass itself is an ID photo, a train ticket, and even a foreign bank note.

There are narrow gaps at the top of the container through which tourists have been squeezing money since last year.

"I don't know why (people do it). Maybe it's just for fun. All kinds of people throw money inside, but kids mostly," commented a museum staff member.

People might have first done so for fun, prompting others to eventually follow suit, said Xia Xueluan, a sociology professor from Peking University.

Internet banking has changed the banking system in recent years. now you no longer need to visit and queuing at banks to make transactions. With the presence of internet banking then you can manage your account anywhere and anytime with internet access. many of the benefits of internet banking.

Internet banking has become popular lately, it’s because the technology was developing very rapidly. With the Internet we can do many things, including the conduct of banking transactions. Current Internet banking has become a prime requirement for many people because it has many advantages and benefits. The following is a fraction of the benefits of internet banking:

1. Administer your money

You can manage your account 24 hours a day anywhere with internet access. you can learn the details of your transactions carefully. you have complete access to your account. I think this is the best benefits of internet banking.

2. Move or transfer funds

Through online banking you can transfer the money into different bank accounts easily, as easy as clicking your mouse.

3. Pay bills

Another advantage of internet banking is paying of bills. There is a list of companies in your internet banking, where you can pay bills such as credit card companies, service companies, and other companies

4.Transmit cash to different people

With internet banking, you can make money transfer to others such as family, friends, or others.

5.Simple to Discover transactions

You can easily see what transactions you have done previously in your account. Simply go to transaction history and select the date and type of transaction you want to view, then click on search, then you will get what you are looking for.

6.Consistently accessible statement of account

You can print out and have a record of your account. So you do not have to hold-ups for your bank account records for posting to you.

7. Access to Internet-only stuffs, rates and services

There are some bank products that are only available on the internet, customers do not need to go to the bank directly. By your internet banking account, you can utilize for bank products offered on the Internet. There are also special rates and services provided to those clients who use internet banking.

8. Update your personal information

With internet banking you can easily and quickly update your personal data such as address or you got married.

9. 24-Hour Customer Help desk

When you’re having problems with internet banking, you do not need to panic, because there are clients counters that can help you in solving problems. You can contact them or send e-mails with a show or explain the problems with your internet banking.

10. Online security

In Internet banking, security is the most important thing, because it covers financial and personal data. Apart from the security provided from the bank, we also have to protect our account from the pirates and thieves. Though so do not ever give your account username and password to others.

Internet banking has become a prime requirement for many people. Internet banking is really beneficial for me and most other people, so it would not hurt you to try, because Internet banking is free.

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If you had a gadget that would last forever, there s a chance you would eventually ditch it for a new model. But with microscopes, this is not easily done because high powered or specialized microscopes are expensive and replacing old ones with new ones is impractical when there are microscopy accessories and replacement parts available.

Microscopy Accessories

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Obviously, a microscope, whatever the type or model has a specific set of accessories. This is because these microscopes have their special or unique functions or features. Although microscopes share basic features for viewing microscopic specimens, each has something else to offer and hence, their common applications vary.

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