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Are Hankook Tires Good For Your SUV? March 31 Shaq Thompson Jersey , 2014 | Author: George Dodson | Posted in Business

For you to get anywhere, your car needs tires. A lot of new cars come with eminent tires. Usually they are major brands that most people know. Sometimes you don’t recognize the brand. That is because there are hundreds of tire brands. Some of these tires are very trustworthy as they originate from well known companies. There are other brands that you might not put your trust on.

Various tire companies emerged in the early forties and fifties. Some started later. There is a particular company that started out in 1941 in Korea known as the Hankook tire company. 1981 saw to it that the hankook tire company found its way into the states in the name of Hankook Tire America Corporation

The company made a feature in Europe in 1997 after establishing its Europe Technical Center. The European community benefits largely from this center.

The company today is the seventh largest tire manufacturer. It had recorded sales of 3.7 billion in 2008. It has 5 production facilities In China, Hungary, and Korea. It boasts 60 sales offices, 13 sales subsidiaries, and 5 R & D centers. The company owns over 25 percent of China’s passenger radial tire market.

There is a complete line of tires made by Hankook

Light trucks and SUVs get an all-season performance tire in the Ventus AS You benefit from an all round traction and also a quite ride. The tire has a solid centerline that enhances stability and its driving feel. They have the open shoulder design which provides see-thru evacuation of water and slush. The tires 6 circumferential grooves improve its steeribility and evacuation of water from the tire. It has the stepped grove walls that provide extra edges for steering traction. The tires also feature computer generated footprints so that they can handle a wide range of loads and inflations They also come in standard sizes meaning that they can get to fit any SUV.

The SUV also gets to benefit from the Ventus. The tire is designed with the V-shape tread design so as to enhance handling on any surface possible. Pattern noise is reduced by its multiple sub-pitch concept. The tires footprint features a computer design. The tire has passed many tests including dry handling, stopping distance, lap time and wet handling tests. The Ventus AS has a 65,000 treadwear mileage warranty.

The people working at Hankook pass through strict customer satisfaction policies and get to implement them in their work. The company also has put in place strict regulations so that they can get to grow with their customers alongside technology advancements and value. There are also good tire rebates available.

Hankook tires are the best tires for your SUV.

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