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ED Hardy clothing frequently used some embroidery Melker Karlsson Jersey , washing, splash-ink and other techniques, creating a dazzling sense of bright light from a master hand at the eagles, tigers and other designs, the production of a series of clothes. Another carp, a dragon and the tiger totem, the tiger and squirrel dogs are more creative the new cartoon. Therefore, once launched, the brand that is loved by the public, Totem tattoo embroidered baseball cap is a network with a collection of value has become a hot commodity.
On the paper to show the brand of the clothing and jewelry unique, creative full: Tigers, eagles, a variety of Skeleton Painting top of the embroidery pattern is impressed in a way exists in the T-shirt, zipper jacket, jeans and even on the locomotive apparatus. The design for a large number of LTTE elements in the costumes, but also to associate her then boyfriend, the actor himself, Tony is a Lunar New Year Tiger; Ka-ling pattern of the tiger is a soft spot for the so-called. Ka Ling and ED Hardy's fate is also built on this.

A few months later, the streets in Taiwan, Jia-Ling accidentally discovered the shop, is to make numerous international superstar in their worship of a single step: ED Hardy, Painting Highlights of the wow logo and the stitching is the way to immediately impressed. Luckily, Hong Kong and Taiwan have ED Hardy shops, Since then, new products every quarter, she will visit listed here, the income of all kinds of goods, his beloved. In the circle of people around, she often found the evidence of ED Hardy: Lee Hom, birthday, Rain, Boa ... ... each person has a greater or lesser degree is traces of ED Hardy, the original share of the entertainment industry really many.

The only regret is that her mainland China. Filming in the mainland, endorsement, it seems ED Hardy never seen the figure. In this connection an idea sprouted in her mind: ED Hardy will be introduced to the mainland market to allow more access to the share in the United States half Hongtoushan fashion brand! In this way, ED Hardy official tide in the mainland woman in sight, and Ka Ling and ED Hardy's fate has also become more and more profound. September 4, 2008, ED Hardy Flagship Store in Shanghai, China's CITIC Pacific 4th Floor, a grand opening May 1, 2009, ED Hardy Building in Hangzhou opening d Block.

Carina Lau tides the U.S. ED Hardy licensing agent in China of the right to open the first store in Shanghai. In May, she is also the second store opened in Hangzhou Building. Recently, by the Promotion of International Trade and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Hangzhou jointly established the "Sino-US business cooperation projects of Hangzhou docking Office" from the new information, this was Carina Lau phase of the clothing brand will soon come to Hangzhou, to find clothing in lieu of derivatives factory workers with regional sales agents.

According to relevant data, ED Hardy brand was designed by the French designer Christian Audigier and tattoo art godfather of the United States Don Ed Hardy. They created the unique and bold clothing brand and made a great contribution to the history of clothing.
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