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Examining the potential for tourism or exploring areas of economic growth Dan Marino Jersey , Panama is seeking a design for the future. It has one of the most developed infrastructure facilities in Latin America. This is mainly due to the presence of the Panama canal and two busy ports that have grown along side the canal - the Balboa on the Pacific and the Cristobal on the Atlantic.

The Panama Canal actually needs nature around it, to serve as water catchments, so there are many excellent places to enjoy nature in and around Panama City. Along the west side of the canal you will find the Parque Nacional Soberania, and nearby is the amazing Summit botanical gardens and zoo.

Panama City is the capital of the country and the largest as well. There are several nature reserves near Panama City, including the Parque Natural Metropolitano and the Centro de Exhibiciones Marinas, which is an aquarium.

Tourists feel safe in Panama. In Panama the crime rates are low, prices of goods are reasonably lower than the western countries and the country has a beautiful weather. The city was founded around 500 years ago. Unfortunately it was destroyed by fire in 1671 after being attacked and looted by Henry Morgan and his 1400 men. The city was rebuilt in 1673 in a new location around 5 miles southwest of the original city. The ruins of the old city, known as Panama la Vieja, still remain and are very popular as a tourist destination.

There are many historic sites and cultural attractions in Panama City. For instance, the Museo del Canal Interoceanico is a Panama Canal museum for those interested in the history of the Canal. The Museo Antropologico Reina Torres de Arauz contains precious metal artifacts from pre-Colombian Panama. In addition, the museum is located in the original Pacific terminal of the Panama Railroad. The Colonial section of Panama features colonial architecture and amazing scenic views of Panama City.

And of course there is the Panama Canal, which is worth seeing just for the magnificence of the feat of building it. Two bridges cross the Canal now, the original and well-known Bridge of the Americas, and the newer Centennial Bridge.

Panama City has many beautiful older buildings, especially those from the Colonial era, but also has some amazing newer construction that easily compares to anything in the US in terms of modern appeal. American architect Frank Gehry, who designed the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, is working on a new structure, the Bridge of Life Museum, to be completed in mid 2008.

People planning a trip must consider several things before choosing the final spot. Its economy, safety, weather are just some in the list. The good thing about visiting Panama is, it has all the modern facilities yet has a native nature that creates some vibe in the tourists' mind.

Overall, Panama is the most happening place in the region. It has everything that tourists want. The well educated security forces only compliments the beautiful country; making it a safe place to enjoy times with the family and friends.

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Numerous seeds typically consumed by parrots have certain poisons on their shells to safeguard the seed. Prior to ingestion, a parrot ought to be differ mindful to eliminate all seed coatings which have a chemical mixing that could make them deathly ill. Some fruits when eaten by parrots, to get to the seeds, are only poisonous if the fruit is not fully ripe.

If a parrot does not get all the poisonous seed coating off and ingests poison all is not lost. It is broadly recognized that a lot of parrot species around the planet try to eat clay. Typically agreed on by avian authorities is the fallowing: (that) parrots try to eat clay to release minerals which take in poisons out of the birds belly. This approach allows the poisons to pass by way of the parrot without having considerably harm to the bird.

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Food items not to be provided to your bird:

Chocolate or Avocado
Caffeine or Alcohol
Apple seeds, Peach pits and Cherry pits: These include cyanide.
Dairy goods: Birds can not digest it.

Foods that might be provided to your bird: These are stand by yourself foods, other then shop bought bird foodstuff:

H2o (of training course)
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Veggies: Without seeds.

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