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Great price and decent product. It was exactly per the description. I would recommend this to friends. Much less then same product in walwart
  Neil Salmon

There are some great moments in this collection. And it is all very listenable(if that's a word)? It just misses the the mark as far as memorable songs. The only song title I can recall without consulting the label is the meloncholy tinged "Into the harbor". To be fair there is a lot of material here and there may be more gems hidden in the mass of material. This is really three releases. Compared to much of the drivel foisted on us by record companies these days, it is worth the admission price to hear a real band playing real instruments. Enjoyable.
  Jessica Abarcar Gequillana

Fit him perfectly! I have one happy 11 year old Curry fan:)
  Yohj AnviRoj

I like them very much thank you
  Armando Vite

Loved it. Terrific storyline, lots of great music. Jersey Boys is a fun movie.
  Kenneth Aquino

I bought these for my 17 yr old Grandson. Nice material.
  Wd Ameer

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